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Blood Detox

Protects your body from tumors. It is scientifically accepted that tumors are caused by exposure to harmful elements or ingestion

Body Butter

If your skin is dry, you have come to the right place. Sea moss body butter will soften your skin

Body oil

Fragrance body oil. Put it on in the morning, you will be surprised how long the fragrance last. Its the

Flavors of Sea Moss

A Caribbean dry seaweed enriched with 92 of the 102 minerals required by our body to function vigorously. Besides this, Sea Moss also contains incredibly high concentrations of Vitamin D, F, A, E, and K.

Immune Booster

Restarting your body is a great way to give your immune system a chance to build up.

Liver Cleanse

A liver cleanse can improve bile flow so that it can burn fat from within the body. Undergoing a liver