Oatstraw powder

Oatstraw powder

Oatstraw, also known as avena, is a byproduct of harvesting oats. Specifically, it is the green grass-like top of the plant referred to as being in the “milky stage” before the grain has fully ripened. For this reason, oat straw is often called milky oats.

Powdered oat straw is rich in vitamins and nutrients and may be added to smoothies and other foods. Ground oatstraw is also a traditional bath herb used to soften skin and relief itching from sunburn and other minor irritations.

  1. Whole Body Tonic: You’d be hard pressed to find an area of the body that oatstraw doesn’t strengthen and revitalize.
  2. Nervous System Tonic: Oatstraw soothes frazzled nerves, figuratively and literally.
  3. Skin Soother and Healer: The high mineral content and soothing nature of oatstraw make it an excellent tool for repairing and strengthening irritated, damaged skin.
  4. Tension Tamer and Energy Booster: If you feel overworked, overstressed, or just out of gas, oatstraw can help. It helps to lower your stress levels and restore depleted adrenals to get you up and moving.
  5. Amazing Nutritive and Rejuvenator: Oatstraw is an excellent source of bio-available nutrition that can support and bring new vigor to ailing body systems.
  6. Antidepressant: When used regularly, oatstraw infusions make an excellent mood lifter.
  7. Modern Day Love Potion: Add a little more magic to your intimate times. Oatstraw helps to increase potency and pleasure for all.
  8. Strengthen Bones, Hair, Teeth, and Nails: Repair weak bones and toughen up your whole body.
  9. Endocrine System Supporter: Oatstraw facilitates a healthy endocrine system, helping your hormonal signals communicate correctly and efficiently.
  10. Stabilize Blood Sugar: Oatstraw helps your body respond to insulin, helping to level out your blood sugar.
  11. Pain Reliever: One of the pleasant side effects of consistent oatstraw use is that it reduces aches and pains across your body.
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